CDP espouses broad specialist skills, combining industry insight with product knowledge to achieve the best outcomes. Our extensive professional experience is drawn from involvement in projects from strategic inception to on the ground delivery and implementation.

Creative and collaborative, the team draws ideas, knowledge and skills from a range of disciplines and applies these to urban projects with a combination of flair and pragmatism. Our talented designers generate strong, purposeful and visionary urban designs at scales ranging from street, urban blocks and small urban spaces to large scale master plans.

CDP boasts a team of planning and urban design professionals selected based on their skills and experience as recognised leaders in their field. We offer a unique combination of creativity, technical competence, commercial awareness and acute sensitivity to development industry needs. We create plans and secure approvals that facilitate the delivery of commercially successful projects.

We offer two distinctive service streams.  Our core operation continues to offer an extensive suite of specialist town planning services based on traditional development approaches albeit with an innovation and sustainability lens where possible.   More recently, we have introduced a wholistic innovation (and sustainability) stream where all phases of the development process are driven by these values.

Traditional Stream

Our grasp of current and emerging trends in design, policy and statutory requirements is unparalleled and ensures the best possible opportunity for achieving desired project outcomes. Our people offer the following key capacities and capabilities:

  • Strategy based approach to all projects
  • Specialist advocacy, negotiation and expert testimony services
  • All forms of urban design and associated graphics (including 3D imagery)
  • Preliminary concept plans and master plans
  • Structure plans and scheme amendment documentation and successfully managing the statutory approvals process for these to achieve timely and quality outcomes
  • Detailed subdivision, local development plans, design guidelines and development applications for all forms of residential, commercial and industrial projects
  • Planning feasibility studies
  • Development contribution schemes and managing all associated inputs/commitments
  • Effective management of multi-disciplinary project teams
  • Working successfully with State and Local Government throughout the planning process
  • High level advocacy and sound relationships with decision makers and urban policy makers in Western Australia
  • Formal presentations to all levels of planning approval agencies and where necessary, briefing Government Ministers, Members of Parliament and Councillors.

Innovation Stream -
Our Point of Difference

Since 2016, CDP has invested heavily in questioning the ‘business as usual’ roll out of residential development in Western Australia. We have worked with selective key stakeholders and technical experts to examine how our residential estates can be delivered more innovatively, more sustainably and more affordably.

We strongly advocate an increased diversity in housing types and more innovative forms of housing construction and see opportunities for better efficiency and innovation in site preparation techniques – particularly minimising fill importation and drainage requirements.

Innovation also extends to the range and type of building materials used, improved building techniques and the creation of diverse and innovative public domain experiences. We have investigated the rapidly evolving area of new technologies and how these can and should be included in urban design and built form roll out.

We believe that innovation can improve housing affordability by providing savings in up front development costs as well as ongoing occupation costs of the home.

Our approach for delivering genuine innovation and sustainability to our residential estates is predicated upon these key drivers:

  • Unparalleled knowledge in urban innovation and sustainability initiatives combined with an extensive network of like-minded partners
  • Turning the planning process on its head by determining the final built form outcome and all associated key components up front, enabling world’s best practice in design, technology and construction methodologies to steer the process from the outset
  • Adoption of a whole of process approach which spans the entire suburban delivery process – from initial identification of a potential site or project to construction of the last building
  • The process is brought together through the use of 3D Planning – a powerful, all-encompassing design based platform using visuals as an essential tool to convey the new message
  • Throughout the process, our partners across all levels are critical – the process of incorporating innovation and sustainability within projects can be steered by a few, but cannot be successful without the involvement of many

Design excellence is crucial to facilitating more innovative and sustainable built form outcomes.