In a spectacular oceanside setting, the Burns Beach project is a unique and vibrant coastal community.

CDP has been responsible for the design and planning of the Burns Beach estate since 2003, overseeing the creation of an integrated coastal community with a strong focus on the natural surroundings. The creation of a central boulevard connects the neighbourhoods, landscape features and open space areas to the Indian Ocean.

Preparation of the structure plan that guides subdivision and development involved an extensive community and stakeholder consultation process. Since approval of the structure plan in 2005, the project has been developed in stages. CDP has successfully secured approvals for the Estate’s Northern Residential Precinct, being the final stages of development for this significant coastal estate. The subdivision approvals, involving negotiating the coastal hazard setbacks for a 100 year horizon, have been challenging given the notable change to the State Coastal Planning Policy since the project first commenced.


  • Coastal planning and foreshore and bushland interface management
  • High quality public open space, streetscapes and built form
  • Maximising ocean views

CDP Services

  • Feasibility studies
  • MRS rezoning
  • Local authority rezoning
  • Local structure planning & master planning
  • Detailed urban design & subdivision design
  • Local Development Plans
  • Negotiating challenging statutory approvals


Peet Ltd


Burns Beach, Western Australia, 4km north-west of Joondalup and 30km north-west of Perth CBD


1,500 lots




Ongoing – anticipated 2025