The CDP team is a valuable combination of experienced, knowledgeable professionals and younger, highly enthusiastic individuals qualified to tackle projects with an unbiased and independent mindset.

Frank Arangio

Managing Director

A natural leader whose passion lies in championing innovative and sustainable suburban and urban development, Frank has over 35 years’ experience in planning consultancy.

Frank’s breadth of experience and knowledge embraces all areas of planning, from general advocacy, project definition and management, statutory planning processes and approval negotiation to structure planning and urban design.

Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia
Member, Housing Industry Association

Justin Hansen

Associate Director

A lateral thinker with extensive knowledge of statutory planning and a strong understanding of the planning system and processes. Justin’s diverse experience in all facets of urban and regional planning spans two decades and includes working in both private and local government sectors, here and in the UK.

Justin’s positive approach and strong negotiation skills promotes productive exchange between clients, project consultant teams and approval agencies resulting in positive outcomes through the most complex of planning matters

Corporate Member, Planning Institute of Australia

Kasia Betka

Associate Director

A strategic thinker who bridges the gap between statutory planning and urban design, Kasia has extensive experience as lead planner and urban designer for major urban redevelopment projects. Areas of expertise include strategic planning, development facilitation, general advocacy and negotiation, structure planning, policy formulation, development control and project management.

With 30 years’ experience in both private and public sectors, Kasia places special emphasis on introducing strategic planning elements into the conceptual and definition phases of projects to provide innovative planning outcomes.

Corporate Member, Planning Institute of Australia

Denise Morgan

Principal Planner

A respected and experienced urban planner with particular interest in enhancing human experience by creating well designed built environments that respect natural systems and promote equity, cultural diversity and economic vitality.

Denise has over 30 years’ experience and has led numerous planning projects in regional and metropolitan locations, covering strategy and policy, urban design and urban renewal, and planning governance.

Registered Planner and Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia
Member of the inaugural Western Australian State Design Review Panel

Chee Mok

Principal Urban Designer

Chee brings a design philosophy of conceptual clarity and site authenticity exclusively to CDP in a Consultant role.

With over 25 years’ experience as a town planner and specialist urban designer, Chee’s experience complements the pragmatic, functional and outcomes focused requirements of clients and stakeholders. He has been involved in large scale and boutique master planning projects, residential golf and resort estates, activity centres and business and industrial parks.

Chee’s core skills are in project vision, land use master planning, urban design, built form applications and detailed subdivision design.

Corporate Member, Planning Institute of Australia

Ben Karsakis

Senior Urban Designer

With significant skills and experience in urban design, complemented by a strong understanding of built form, the planning framework and commercial realities, Ben’s invaluable knowledge achieves pragmatic but creative outcomes for clients and stakeholders over a range of master planning and urban regeneration projects.

Having accrued over 15 years’ experience, Ben has been involved in a variety of projects, including urban regeneration, structure planning, urban design, activity centres, subdivision design and preparation of effective design guidelines.

Corporate Member, Planning Institute of Australia

Candice Halleen

Senior Town Planner

Candice has over 15 years’ experience, approaching all projects and responsibilities with enthusiasm, commitment and a strategic mindset.

As well as planning qualifications, Candice has a Degree in Environmental Science, bringing knowledge of environmental issues and processes to planning and development projects.
Candice has strong skills in structure planning, development contribution arrangements and management of multi-disciplinary teams, and a particular ability to contribute her extensive knowledge to the ‘bigger picture’ of land development projects.

Corporate Member, Planning Institute of Australia

Kenyon Greaves

Town Planner

Kenyon has 3 years’ planning experience working across both the private and public sectors in Western Australia and New South Wales. He has valuable experience in both
standard and complex subdivision and development applications with a passion for strategic planning processes and urban design.

In the time he has been at CDP, Kenyon has demonstrated a commendable work ethic and a keen interest in planning processes where he has had the opportunity to work on a complex
SDAU application.

He has a sound knowledge of strategic and statutory planning processes and uses his communication and negotiation skills to meet our client’s expectations. Kenyon’s professionalism, combined with his eagerness to learn and willingness to put in extra work to ensure superior outcomes are achieved, adds value to projects and CDP services.

Full Member - Planning Institute of Australia

Jeff Poultney


Jeff is a highly skilled and experienced cartographer responsible for producing accurate and informative maps and plans for our clients and projects. Having over 15 years’ experience in a range of software applications, Jeff translates our designs into high quality 2D and 3D presentation plans.