Welcome to CDP Town Planning & Urban Design where our focus is on creating sustainable urban outcomes.

Our group is driven by a desire to help create better places to live, now and into the future, With our partners working alongside, we specialise in bringing together, in a creative and inspiring way, the many complex elements that make up our cities and towns.

Our values

We are very respectful of the important role we play in the urban planning space. We combine technical skills with passion and practical smarts to bring about better outcomes for our clients, the community and our environment.

Fundamentally, we believe the key to creating great places for people to live is great design. We place strong emphasis on exploring design solutions for all elements of urban form, but within the context of achieving a balance between social, economic and environmental outcomes.

We are mindful that successful projects are underpinned by a combination of a clear vision, strong lines of communication and tactful strategising. We are exponents of regular and productive interaction with clients and stakeholders involved in the development journey.

At all times, we seek to identify and leverage value adding opportunities for our clients’ projects.

Our Services

CDP espouses broad specialist skills, combining industry insight with product knowledge to achieve the best outcomes. Our extensive professional experience is drawn from involvement in projects from strategic inception to on the ground delivery and implementation

Our Projects

The projects included below are a small sample of CDP’s portfolio, providing insight into the variety and complexities of projects we manage as a leading planning consultant in the Western Australian urban development industry.