A totally integrated design approach completed in close collaboration with the client and project team has resulted in an estate set apart from other projects in the competitive north-east corridor of Perth.

The 58ha estate is being created from multiple lots that were formerly degraded rural properties.

CDP has undertaken a range of planning tasks to facilitate residential development on the land, commencing with the application to lift its former Urban Deferred status under the Metropolitan Region Scheme. Preparation and approval of the Local Structure Plan included development of a master plan that responded to site characteristics such as a powerline easement, resource enhancement wetlands, remnant native vegetation, and proximity to regional road and rail reserves. The structure plan also respectsd the established land uses seeking to remain in the area, namely a private institution and rural pursuits.

Pockets of medium density development, including a test case Affordability Home project lead by Mirvac WA, forms part of the ultimate 650+ dwellings proposed and nestled within a linear public open space setting.

CDP continues to work with Mirvac to deliver this new community.

Project Features

  • Medium density residential
  • Wetland conservation
  • Vegetation retention
  • Access to transit

CDP Services

  • Lifting of urban deferment
  • Local planning scheme rezoning
  • Local structure planning
  • Master planning
  • Detailed subdivision design and approvals
  • Local Development Plans


Mirvac Pty Ltd


Bennett Springs, Western Australia, 17km north-east of Perth CBD, 6km north-west of Midland


650 lots




Anticipated 2023